Buy wireless usb - Wireless router for dsl - Dual band wireless gaming adapter.

Buy Wireless Usb

buy wireless usb

    wireless usb
  • Wireless USB is a short-range, high-bandwidth wireless radio communication protocol created by the Wireless USB Promoter Group.

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Holiday Decor!

Holiday Decor!

I got my internet up and running again! YAY! Two years after I bought my wireless usb adapter. the stinkin things still cost the same arm and a leg. In the mean time, the technology is such that you can buy a brand new computer for less than $250 dollars. Go figure.

Hey check out the critters in this photo. These are the ones I was eluding to the other day. Fun stuff! This is my local Caribou Coffee joint in which I have spent much of my recent time..

Meraki Mini + battery

Meraki Mini + battery

True wireless.

Bought this battery at Aldi on sale for AU$59.
It comes with a bunch of connectors (including regular and mini USB).
None really fit, but I could use one if I twisted and shoved it a bit.
No idea yet how long it lasts.

buy wireless usb

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all in one wireless printers with fax

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